Here at Creature Comforts Animal Hammocks we specialize in making comfy and cozy pet beds for small animals. Need to kit out your cage? Here you will find everything from tents to tunnels all for the comfort and amusement of your pampered pet.

All the hammocks we have are listed under products along with the price of each item. Next to Products on the navigation bar is package deals. This page lists all the deals you can get, here you can mix and match various hammocks for a set price, often as much as $5 off the total price if you purchased them individually.

On the premade page you will see various hammocks that are already created. See any you like? They can be posted out straight after payment, no waiting for them to be made!

The Fabric page lists all of my available fabrics which can then be used to create hammocks tailored to your tastes.

The sizes are ideal for rats, ferrets and chinchillas!

If you need any help or have questions feel free to contact me by using the "How to Order" contact form. Instead of listing your order just place your question or concern.

I look forward to hearing from you!